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Welcome to the online Large Print Bookshop, the UK's leading retailer of large print books. It's an invaluable resource for those looking to find out more about books for the visually impaired.

Nearly all of the books listed on this site are printed in 16 point font size.


Book of the Month

 Silent Music - Jane Hawking

LargeprintOur Price: £23.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

Growing up in London in the aftermath of the Second World War, Ruth is a thoughtful child who finds herself in a confusing adult world. She seeks refuge in her memories of her idyllic stays with her grandparents in the picturesque countryside, which provide comforting visions of a simpler life. As she comes to terms with her surroundings and her adolescence, Ruth finds the motivation to pursue the dream which has governed her childhood, discovering family secrets along the way.

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Other large print books we like


1. Every Last One - Anna Quindlen

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £23.50  - Currently in stock

A Richard & Judy Summer Read 2011

Growing up in Alaska, young David Winkler is crippled by his dreams. At nine, he dreams a man is decapitated by a passing truck on the path outside his family's home. The next day, unable to prevent it, he witnesses an exact replay of his dream in real life. And the premonitions keep coming.

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2. The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers - Paul Torday

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £19.99  - Currently in stock

Hector Chetwode-Talbot, Eck to his friends, has left the army. From a privileged background, he is at a loss as to what to do, when he is approached by an old army pal, Bilbo Mountwilliam. Bilbo persuades Eck to join his company as a 'greeter'.

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3. The Man in Lower Ten - Mary Roberts Rinehart

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £16.99  - Currently in stock

Rinehart's first published novel. A murdered man is found in the lower berth of a sleeping car that the hero of the story was supposed to have occupied. Was he the intended victim and who murdered the stranger?

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4. The Other Side of the Stars - Clemency Burton-Hill

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £12.99  - Currently in stock

When actress Lara Latner is offered a break into Hollywood, she is plunged into turmoil. She is offered the role that made her mother a legend. Ten years on from her mother's death, is this Lara's chance to get to grips with her past?

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5. The Legacy of Hartlepool Hall - Paul Torday

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £19.99  - Currently in stock

Ed Hartlepool has been living in self-imposed exile, but with a settlement regarding his inheritance looming, he must return to Hartlepool Hall. On his return, he discovers his father has left him, amongst other things, the house and a 7 million tax bill.

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6. Ghastly Glass - Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £16.49  - Currently in stock

Halloween is coming to the Renaissance Faire, and Jess Morton, doing research on Renaissance crafts, has a lot on her plate. Then death comes to the man playing the Grim Reaper - and the message 'death shall find thee' appears on village walls.

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7. Leaving Everything Most Loved - Jacqueline Winspear

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £23.50  - Currently in stock

Maisie Dobbs’ latest investigation leads her into a dangerous yet fascinating world and takes her in an unexpected direction.

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8. Pandora's Box - Giselle Green

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £18.99  - Currently in stock

Rachel Wetherby's life has been on hold since the diagnosis of her daughter Shelley with a fatal illness. So when Rachel's mother offloads a box of her old possessions she feels compelled to escape into a past which on the surface was carefree.

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9. The House of Dolls - David Hewson

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £23.50  - Currently in stock

Anneliese Vos, sixteen-year-old daughter of Detective Pieter Vos, disappeared three years ago. Her father’s desperate search revealed nothing, and resulted in his departure from the police force. One day, Laura Bakker, a misfit trainee detective from the provinces visits him. She’s come to tell him that the daughter of local politician, Katja Prins, has gone missing in circumstances similar to Anneliese.

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